[How to deal with shrimp line]_How to deal with_Removal method

[How to deal with shrimp line]_How to deal with_Removal method

There are many ways to handle shrimp threads. The most common is to use a toothpick. Before you have made prawns, gently pull the shrimp threads out of the second limb of the prawns.The thread is that the intermediate of shrimp is generally black, which is metabolized and excreted. It is generally not recommended, because this part is dirty and not only affects the taste, it is also not good for your health.

What is shrimp line?

Shrimp line is the intermediate of shrimp, usually greenish black, which contains the excrement remaining in the shrimp itself.

In theory, it is a little dirty, so it is generally recommended to remove it before eating.

After cooking (cooking), the bacteria in the shrimp line will be killed by the high temperature, which is safe, but it may taste worse.

How to deal with shrimp line ▼ Then, when you start the exercise, you can open it, but you ca n’t cut too much, at most half.

After you are proficient, you can take your index finger directly as shown below.

▼ As shown in the figure, there is a dividing line between the head and the body of the shrimp.

▼ Put your finger in from above.

Pull down to match the thumb to pinch the shrimp line.

▼ Lift it up.

Easily pulled out.

Of course, this requires practice to make perfect.

▼ The complete shrimp line is pulled out, and the shrimp head will return to its original position. The cooked shrimp is very complete.

Note: Don’t be too brute because it will remove the shrimp head.

Open the cover a little bit from the beginning and then the main strength is downward.

Must be live shrimp!

Live shrimp can only be smoked, and it will die when dead.

Ingredients for golden anchovies: shrimp, black pepper, salt, cooking wine, eggs, white vinegar, corn starch, bread crumbs Method: 1. Wash the shrimps to remove the shrimp line, shrimp head, shrimp shell 2, clean again, use black pepperMarinate powder, salt, and cooking wine for 3 minutes, beat the eggs (add a small amount of cooking wine and white vinegar to remove the fishy smell), 4, the marinated shrimps are evenly wrapped with corn starch, put in egg liquid, and then put in bread branHeat the oil in the pot. When the heat is 80%, throw the shrimp in, fry until it is golden and immediately take out the oil.