[Mortar Mortar Processing Method]_Mortar Mortar_How to Fabricate_Processing Measures

[Mortar Mortar Processing Method]_Mortar Mortar_How to Fabricate_Processing Measures

Morinda officinalis was originally a plant, but people often use it to treat diseases. This process requires a professional process. In ancient times, Morinda officinalis has been processed. Today there are more advanced and alternative methods.Contributing measures.

First,[Ancient Processing Method]There were medlar, wine, and chrysanthemum (“Lei Gong”) methods in the Liu and Song dynasties of the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

In the Song Dynasty, there were methods such as boiled wine (“Boji”), glutinous rice fried (“Yanyi”), wine roasted (“General Record”), noodles fried, salt soup dipping (“Boufang”) and other methods.

In the Yuan Dynasty, there was a law of liquor frying (“Rui Zhu”).

Ming Dynasty added wine dipping, oil frying, artillery (“Pujifang”), frying (“medicine”), salt water cooking (“Getting Started”), licorice soup dipping, wolfberry soup dipping (“renshu”), salt water soaking(“Bao Yuan”), fried licorice soup (“Jingyue”), boiled licorice juice (“Xing Zhai”) and other methods.

The Qing Dynasty also added wine washing (“Talking about appointment”), wine dipping (“Jade”), and “to help Yang Qizi juice infusion, dehydration and good wine, stir-fry, stir-fried golden cherry juice and stir-fry”, Lishenqi chrysanthemum and boiled together” description (“to match”) and other processing methods.

Second,[modern processing method]1. Morinda officinalis (Mortar) meat: take thick herbs, remove impurities, wash, place in a steaming container and steam thoroughly, remove the wood heart while hot, or remove the wood heart after moisturizing with water, Cut into sections and dry.

Sift away debris.

2. Salt Morinda officinalis: Take the net Morinda officinalis and mix well with hay. After the salt water is exhausted, place it in a frying container and fry it with gentle heat.

Or take the Morinda citrifolia, mix well with brine, steam soften, remove the wood heart, cut into sections, and dry.

Sift away debris.
Morinda officinalis uses 2 kg of salt per 100 kg.

3, Morinda citrifolia: take pure licorice, mash it, add water (about 1: 5 volume) decoction twice, remove the residue, and combine the two decoctions.

Take the licorice decoction and Morinda officinalis in the same pot, and cook the decoction of licorice with the simmering heat. The boiled liquor is basically boiled to the degree. Take it out, remove the wood heart while hot, cut into sections, and dry.

Sift away debris.
Morinda citrifolia uses 6kg of licorice per 100kg and decoction of about 50kg.

Third,[working purpose]Morinda officinalis is sweet, spicy, and slightly warm.

The kidney meridian and liver meridian.

It has the functions of tonifying kidney yang, strengthening bones and bones, and removing rheumatism.

It is used for impotence of impotence, infertility due to cold, irregular menstruation, cold pain in the lower abdomen, rheumatism and pain, soft muscles and bones.

Raw Morinda officinalis is mild and warm. It is used to nourish liver and kidney and expel rheumatism. It is suitable for kidney deficiency and rheumatism. It is mostly used for wind-cooled low back pain, difficult walking, beriberi and muscle weakness.

After the salt system, the kidney is special, and it is warm but not dry, which enhances the effect of nourishing the kidney and helping the yang.

Commonly used for kidney deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, weakness in the waist and knees, infertility due to cold in the uterus, frequency of urination, etc.

After making licorice, it tastes sweet and enhances the effect of nourishing. It is mostly used to nourish the kidney, help Yang, and nourish Qi and nourish blood.

Such as for spleen and kidney disease, shortness of breath in the chest, waist and foot pain, weight loss and other aspects.