[Can I drink fish soup with diarrhea?

]_ Diarrhea_ Can you drink it?

[Can I drink fish soup with diarrhea?
]_ Diarrhea_ Can you drink it?

Diarrhea often occurs in people’s lives, especially children’s gastrointestinal function is still weak, diarrhea symptoms may occur if you accidentally eat the wrong thing, and now people generally have bad diet habits, and some often eat spicyIrritating foods, or eating cold foods, can easily cause diarrhea. Can people drink fish soup when they have diarrhea?

Can diarrhea drink fish soup?
Can diarrhea drink fish soup?
Pediatrics are different from adults.

1, the baby diarrhea, it is recommended to drink less fish soup According to expert analysis, because fish is rich in protein.

The baby’s gastrointestinal tract development is complete. Baby diarrhea drinking too thick or too much fish soup will increase the load and is not conducive to the improvement of diarrhea.

If you have to add protein to your baby, you can give your baby a small amount of fish soup or a lighter fish soup.

Your baby’s digestive system is still weak. If you receive too much protein, your baby can’t adapt.

2, adults diarrhea, fish soup helps diarrhea treatment Chinese medicine believes that diarrhea is mostly physical weakness and diarrhea, after a long time diarrhea, the righteousness is more deficient, and the deficiency is not compensated, the clinical treatment of traditional Chinese and western medicine is not good.

According to the Chinese Traditional Medicine Dictionary, 100 grams of catfish contains 13 grams of protein, aunt 1.

1 gram, cobalt 0.

1 gram, 54 mg calcium, 203 mg phosphorus, and iron 2.

5 mg, also contains vitamin A, nicotinic acid, vitamin B1 and other nutrients.

The taste is sweet, and it has the effects of strengthening the spleen, dampening, swelling, regulating, and nourishing liver qi. This is also a method for treating diarrhea.

Therefore, delicious fish soup is also a method to treat diarrhea.

Diarrhea diet considerations 1, high protein and high heat energy: chronic diarrhea has a long course and often recurs, affecting the digestion and absorption of food, and causing the consumption of heat energy stored in the body.

In order to improve the nutritional status, a high-protein and high-calorie diet should be given, and a gradual increase method should be used. If the increase is too fast, nutrients cannot be completely absorbed, which may increase the burden on the highway.

It can supply about 100g / d protein and 10 heat energy.

12, 55MJ (2500?

2. Low-fat, low-residue diet: up to about 40g per day, too much is not easy to digest and increases the burden on highways, stimulating peristalsis and aggravating diarrhea.

Therefore, vegetable oil should also be restricted, and pay attention to cooking methods, mainly steamed, boiled, braised, braised, roasted, etc., supplemented by deep-fried, stir-fried, slippery and so on.

Available foods are lean meat, chicken, shrimp, fish, soy products, etc.

Pay attention to less residue, food with more crude fiber can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and make diarrhea worse. When the number of diarrhea is high, it is best not to eat temporarily or try to eat less vegetables and fruits. Fresh juice and tomato juice can be given to supplement vitamins.Reduce intestinal peristalsis and reduce diarrhea, so it is advisable to eat noodles, porridge and rotten rice.

3, taboo foods: such as coarse grains, raw cold fruits, cold mixed rice, etc., containing leeks, celery, mustard, etc. with a lot of crude fiber; hard and indigestible meat such as ham, sausage, cured meat and other irritating foods, such as pepperSpirits, mustard, paprika, and fatty foods such as fatty meat and puff pastry.