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Darling i made the pores smaller

Many people with dry skin also face the danger of enlarged pores, mostly due to improper maintenance and aging skin.

  People with large pores, or at the mercy of their fate, can only use foundation to smooth the peace.

  Now that we can substitute skincare products that shrink pores.

  The main cause of large pores is excessive sebum secretion, which is usually caused by hormonal imbalances, life stress and pollution, extreme heat, and other external environments.

In addition, with age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity, and the elasticity around the hair follicles is lost. It is easy to make the appearance of the skin look a lot of pits. In addition, the condition of the skin that is dry and oily outside will also make the fine pores become coarse.

  Therefore, don’t think that enlarged pores are the patent of young oily skin. If your muscle age is close to 30 and gradually enters the growth stage, the problem of enlarged pores is indeed a waste.

  Can pores shrink?

  This is a question that many people care about.

Here we first focus on pore contraction and relaxation.

I have seen a little common knowledge about washing your face more than once: when you wash your face, you should use warm water to open the pores, and the armor allows the dirt in the pores to be washed away. After washing your face, you can splash it with cold water.Faces help shrink pores.

The pore opening and closing statement is difficult to observe with the naked eye, but the dermatologist’s answer is that no specific clinical report has been made on the pore opening and receipt.

  However, there are clear data on whether the pores can be enlarged with enlarged pores.

Dermatologists point out that the pores can indeed shrink. The key is that there is too much water retention between skin cells, which makes the gaps between cells smaller. After the long epidermal layer is pushed, the pores naturally become smaller.

However, it is impossible to make a person whose pores are obvious to be almost invisible.

If you look at the skin carefully with a magnifying glass, you will find that the texture of young skin is in the shape of a rice, and there are lines that shuttle back and forth to keep moisture, so the skin is thicker, of course, the pores are not obvious.

But when the skin is aging, the texture under the magnifying glass becomes a Sichuan shape, and the parallel texture is thin and cannot retain moisture, so the pores become loose and enlarged.

  The two key pores are elastic. If you can reduce the double pores, it will naturally shrink.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop the habit of cleaning the horny skin, and do not wait until the acne has blackheads.

In the past, many people always put the focus of pores on the cleansing part. Although this is very important, water retention and thickening of the inner tissue of the skin are also the key to shrinking the pores.

In terms of cleansing, salicylic acid is unanimously recognized by dermatologists. Its main function is to adjust the keratinization process of the skin, remove the old dead horny skin, and make the skin smooth and soft, but the concentration of salicylic acid used is moreRelated to effectiveness.

When doctors help patients exfoliate, the concentration is mostly controlled between 3% and 10%; while the maintenance products are mostly limited to 0.2%?

For example, Clinique Clinique’s cleansing water, SK-II’s exquisite peeling cream, L’Oreal’s Fine Pore Essence and Neutrogena’s Pore Fine Essence Cream are rich in salicylic acid with different concentrations to help the skin clean the cuticle and improve poresAnd skin texture.

  In addition, moisturizing is very important.

Many people with dry skin also face the danger of enlarged pores, mostly due to improper maintenance and aging skin.
In terms of improper maintenance, like squeezing acne, using skin care products that are not suitable for you can cause abnormal keratinization of the skin, allowing old keratin to accumulate in the pores for a long time, and the natural pores become larger.

To improve this phenomenon, in addition to salicylic acid to remove keratin, moisturizing has become a more necessary first aid method.

Therefore, many products that claim to reduce pores also have moisturizing ingredients.

  If you are in a lucky place without the trouble of having large pores, please also do a good job of moisturizing care. It is difficult to ensure that your pores will not gradually become visible due to the aging of the skin.

Don’t think that I’m alarmist, I have a friend with good skin, who has always claimed that his skin is good without paying attention to moisturizing.

Within a few years, she had mature wrinkles on her dry skin, and her pores had become noticeable.