[How to make big red dumpling skin]_Red color_Method

[How to make big red dumpling skin]_Red color_Method

Eating dumplings is the tradition of the Chinese winter solstice, and it is also a daily food of every household.

It uses the most common ingredients to make delicious food.

There are various types of dumplings, and people with different preferences can find the type of dumplings that suit their tastes.

When accustomed to white-skinned dumplings, an ingenious chef wanted to make a different dumpling. Based on the dual considerations of beauty and nutrition, red-skinned dumplings came into being.

Let’s learn how to make red dumpling skin together.

Red dumpling crust is made by mixing flour and carrots.

How to make dumpling skins The role of dumpling skins is to tightly wrap the fillings. Generally speaking, dumpling skins are divided into: ordinary dumpling skins, carrot dumpling skins, crystal dumpling skins, etc. Today I will briefly introduce these threeCommon practice of dumpling skin.

Common Dumpling Skin Method Material: Flour, Common Water Practice: 1, Noodles: Open the faucet to drop-by-drop shape, twist it clockwise to turn the flour into a dough, and the slightly harder.

2. Kneading the dough: Keep kneading for at least ten minutes to make the dough gluten.

3, soaking noodles: Put the kneaded noodles in a basin, cover the shells soaking noodles until you start rolling the skin.

4. Put the dough on the panel and knead it for ten minutes.

(Point: Put some flour on the panel and knead it up again.

) 5, after kneading into a ball, pick a hole from it, turn in a circle, knead fine.

6. Divide into wedges of appropriate size.

Knead the alignment bar for a long time until the opposite side of the noodle stick is the size of a dollar coin.

Sprinkle flour on the main board while kneading to prevent sticking to the board.

7. Press the dough.

Sprinkle with flour, straighten each dough with your hands, and press down with the big muscle that rests on the thumb of your palm.

The left is straightened and the right is squashed.

Then you can start rolling!

Note: When rolling with a rolling pin, pay attention to the thick middle edge and the thin middle edge to prevent the dumplings from leaking. The thin edge has a good taste.

Carrot dumpling skin material: 150g of carrot, 150cc of cold water, 250g of medium flour flour Steps: 1. Put the carrot in the juice machine and make it for juice.

2. Take 100cc carrots and medium flour together to form a dough. Cover with a fresh mold and let stand for 30 minutes.

3. Sprinkle the flour of medium strength on the table, then knead the dough into long strips and cut about 10g into small pieces. Then they can be divided into carrot dumpling skins.



What kind of flour is used for dumpling skin Generally speaking, if you want to make dumpling skin, you can just use the dumpling powder purchased in the supermarket. Generally, the flour we are talking about is medium-gluten flour, and dumpling flour is high-precision flour.

The dumpling skin made of high-gluten flour is relatively strong and resistant to cooking, and it is not easy to break the skin. Usually, the dumpling skin used for dumplings in our homes is medium-gluten flour, which is not resistant to cooking and easy to rot.

So how to distinguish high-gluten flour, medium-gluten flour and low-gluten flour?

We can distinguish by their protein content.

High-gluten flour has a protein content of 10.

5% -13.

5%; protein content in medium gluten flour is 8.

0% -10.

5%; high protein content of 6.

5% -8.

About 5%.

Another thing to pay attention to is to pay attention to the difference between high-gluten flour and high-precision flour. The dumpling skin requires high-gluten flour instead of high-precision flour. High-gluten flour is the strength of flour, and high-precision flour.It refers to the degree of flour processing, that is, accuracy.
Precautions when making dumpling skins Some people make dumpling skins that are not satisfactory when they are made at home. Some of the dumpling skins are too sticky and some are too hard.
This is not to say that you don’t have to worry about the production, it is because you did not pay attention to the precautions during the production process, and this will be the case without a certain amount of practical experience.

Today I will tell you about the things you need to pay attention to when making dumpling skins.

1. The ratio of flour and water for dumpling skin: 1 kg of flour and 4 water. In fact, the specific ratio cannot be said. With warm water and noodles, the water is gradually added.It is harder to make peace, which depends on personal experience.

2. It is best to use dumpling flour for the dumpling flour, which is part of high gluten flour. It is usually bought in supermarkets, and the gluten content is more than 13%.

It’s hard to eat like that, it’s not easy to break the skin.

Special powder and special powder can also be used.

3, after the first step and good noodles, the dough must wake up, the noodles will become soft, so first and harder.

4. It takes at least an hour to wake up the noodles, so it is suitable to make dumplings during the wake up.

5, if you feel that rolling the dumpling skin is too complicated, here is a simple method: roll the dough into a large skin, and then use a cut beverage bottle, like a stamp, evenly press on the doughAt once, more than a dozen uniform dumpling skins came out.

How can dumpling skin wrap 1, triangle dumplings: hold the dumpling skin with both hands, hold the thumb and forefinger symmetrically to the middle, so the dumplings are unique in appearance, but take up space.

2. Popper dumplings: take the dumplings on a piece of paper heart, put an appropriate amount of filling, and fold and seal the dumpling skin in a half circle, pinch the index finger slightly before the thumb, and hold the dumpling edge forefinger to slightly push the dumpling skin forward to foldFold, repeat the folds and push straight to the top of the right end to let go, so a popper dumpling is completed.

3, Sixi steamed dumplings: take the dumplings and put the right amount of meat on the palm, knead the dough into a “Tian-shaped” square (the square corner is empty, and the square corner is glued in the middle). You can use your fingers to dip a little waterPut the chopped spinach on the sticks, stir-fry the shredded egg skins, soak the chopped shiitake mushrooms and * roasted minced meat in four small mouths, steam into the pot for about 8 minutes and take out.

The so-called “four joys” refers to a dish of different colors added to steamed dumplings, which can be changed according to your preferences.

4, fish-shaped dumplings: left hand fist, thumb and index finger natural shape, take a piece of dumpling skin and add fillings, fold the dumpling skin in half, fold one side inward about 1-2CM, squeeze tightly and then inwardFold 1-2CM, and then squeeze it so that it repeats even the other side, and at the end of the closing, you can pinch the tail slightly upwards.

5. Yuanbao Dumplings: Take a piece of dumpling skin in the palm of your hand, add an appropriate amount of filling and fold it into a half circle, pinch the middle to seal the right half of the dumpling skin, and also seal the left half of the dumpling skin, then seal the dumpling skin, thenBend the dumplings in two directions to the middle, and pinch the sides of the dumplings to each other so that the semi-circular sides are slightly tilted upwards.

6, clam dumplings: take a piece of paper on the palm of the dumpling skin, put in an appropriate amount of filling, fold the dumpling skin in half and fold inwards.

Squeeze the folded side firmly, pinch the sides of the folded side firmly, pinch the right tip corner with the thumb of your right hand, pinch it thin, press the thinned top down, and press it continuously to pinch the edges to the left endA clam-shaped dumpling appeared.

.How to eat dumpling skin Jade ingot dumplings Ingredients: flour, spinach, meat, mushrooms, pepper water, salt, oil, soy sauce, sugar practice: 1, Wash and squeeze the juice.

2. Put less salt in the juice, add an egg to the noodles, knead the dough with boiled juice and noodles repeatedly until the three light (hand light, pot light, noodle light), cover the dough to wake up the dough.

3. Stir the meat into the filling and season for a while.

Wash and chop shiitake mushrooms and add to the meat.

4. Wake up the noodles and turn them into small dumpling skins.

5, boil the dumplings with water, push the water forward with a spoon to prevent the dumplings from sticking together, and make it evenly heated.

When the water is boiling, you need some water, just three o’clock, just a little cold water for a while.

Then the dumplings are cooked.

Ingredients of Artemisia Pork Dumpling: 300g flour, 175g water, appropriate amount of Artemisia annua, proper pork filling, proper cooking wine, appropriate soy sauce, appropriate oyster sauce, appropriate thirteen spices, appropriate sweet noodle sauce, appropriate salt, appropriate sesame oil, appropriate oil, appropriate water, appropriate shallot,Moderate amount of ginger: 1. Pour water into the flour and stir until the moisture disappears.

2. Knead smooth dough with your hands and cover with a damp cloth for half an hour.

3. Prepare dumpling stuffing when you wake up: Wash the wormwood, rinse it with boiling water, put it in cold water to cool it, and squeeze out the water.

4. Shred Artemisia annua L. and squeeze out the water again.

5. Add a small amount of water to the meat and stir clockwise until the moisture disappears.

Add water 4-5 times to beat the meat into a gel.

6. Add minced ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, thirteen incense, sweet noodle sauce, and salt to the meat filling, and add some sesame oil to taste.

7. When you want to make dumplings, add turmeric and minced green onion to the meat and mix well, then add the right amount of oil and stir.