[Can lemon be soaked in hot water]_How to soak water_How to soak water

[Can lemon be soaked in hot water]_How to soak water_How to soak water

In life, many people prefer to drink with lemon soda, especially for women, they like to drink honey lemon tea, because lemon contains very high vitamin c, often eat vitamins that can supplement the human body, and lemon drinkThe sour taste is also better. Many people will soak lemons with cold water when they drink lemons, so that they can be directly connected. Can lemons be soaked in hot water?

Soak in cold or hot water?

More and more people like to drink lemonade and have heard that lemons cannot be soaked in hot water, otherwise vitamin C will be lost.

Of course, the lemon water should not be too cold.

The correct method is to control the water temperature at 60 ℃ -70 ℃, and the lemon soaking water must be light, a slice of lemon can soak a bar of water, about 3-4 cups.

Do lemons need to be peeled?

I was asked if lemon can be peeled?

Now I will tell you that lemon can be soaked with skin.

Because the part of the lemon peel contains higher flavonoids, it is actually more worth brewing than the lemon pulp, and the lemon essential oil is also mainly in the peel.

In addition, when you cut the lemon slice, try to make it thinner, so that the aroma components in the lemon peel can be more easily bubbled.

You can add a little honey or white sugar to a small amount of sugar or honey to make lemonade taste better, but sweet lemonade contains about 5% sugar. A cup (200g) of sweetened honey water contains 40 kcal. If you drink twoCup is equivalent to eating 1/4 bowl of rice, so people who need to control weight should limit it.

The effect of lemonade: You can soak a glass of lemonade due to intestinal detoxification, because the body has accumulated overnight waste when you sleep. At this time, drinking a glass of lemonade can effectively help the body to expel waste from the body, soWake up in the morning and drink a glass of sour lemonade!

Whitening is extremely rich in lemon vitamins, so lemonade is a good product for beauty, he can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation, and thus whitening effect.

Preventing cardiovascular disease Drinking lemonade can also prevent cardiovascular disease.

This is because lemon is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P. These two vitamins can greatly enhance the elasticity and softness of blood vessels after entering the body, and often insisting on taking can be good for hypertension and myocardial infarction and other diseases.

Clearing heat and reducing phlegm is less well known. Lemon can also expectorate, and the expectorant effect is stronger than that of oranges and oranges.

When you first start to have a cold, you can use lemon and honey to flush the water, which can effectively relieve respiratory tract pain and reduce discomfort such as dry throat.

Immunity-enhancing lemon is rich in vitamin C. It has various functions such as antibacterial, improving immunity and assisting in the production of collagen. Drinking lemonade often can supplement vitamin C.

In addition, lemonade also helps the body to absorb iron, because vitamin C can increase the bioavailability of non-heme iron by 4 times. For many people sitting in the office, drinking lemonade often can reduceRadiant facial spots.

But lemonade is good, but in moderation.

Also protect your teeth, because it is weakly acidic Austria!

There is too much stomach acid, so patients with ulcers should not take it.