My Down Wife Secret

My “Down” Wife Secret

My friends all boast of my ability, because after getting married, my savage girlfriend of “willful mannerism” was tuned into a “four no” wife: no red face, no dictatorship, no laziness, no messy flowersmoney.
There are three secrets: The first trick: smell the chickens dancing After marriage, in order to fight for more family rights, I tried every means to affect her with my actions.
Every morning, just after dawn, I get up to make breakfast for her.
In this way, I only had to sacrifice a short period of ten minutes to get a lot of praise from my wife.
So she willingly took over all the housework at noon and evening.
  The second trick: to vote for Tao Li, who can make his wife move is not only diamond rings, necklaces, high fashion and other valuable items.
Sometimes, a cheap rose and a brightly colored lipstick are enough to move it down. The key is to get on with the day and find the right time.
As a result, I became familiar with the speculative nature of my wife’s birthday, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and other seemingly insignificant days, such as the anniversary of acquaintance and the first kiss anniversary.
As a result, it was not only the wife’s tender kiss, but also his status in the leadership of my family has been greatly improved.
Therefore, when I bought new mobile phones and high-end suits, I did not encounter any resistance at all.
  The third trick: Aiwu and Wuyi’s wife, though wayward, is a big filial piety girl who treats her parents and elders with special respect.
Since I am very good at trying to figure out my wife’s thoughts, every time I go on a business trip, I remember to give the elderly some small gifts such as snacks and handmade fabrics. Although the things are not very valuable, the elderly will still laugh and laugh.Praise me as a good son-in-law.
The wife always sees in her eyes, she likes it in her heart, and she cares for me a hundred times in her life.