9 answers to common skin care problems


9 answers to common skin care problems

First, it is said that foreign female stars use silk pillows to prevent wrinkles?

  Makes sense!

Because silk pillows are smooth and delicate, they will not rub against the skin, and there will be no pillow squeeze on the face after getting up. It is indeed better for the skin.

  If in the case of other physical diseases, numbness is often felt to rise after the morning.

  2 It takes a while to pat to restore some flexibility.

  3 After adjusting the pillow, it quickly regained consistency.

  4 Pillows are agglomerated, uneven, and the stuff is smelly.

  Note: Shells often have indentations when they sleep on the side. These indentations are the source of decree lines and crow’s feet.

So choosing a sleeping position with the face up is less likely to get older!

  Second, the natural skin care products are the best?

  Not necessarily!

Natural ingredients are less burdensome on the skin, but they may not be effective.

For example, vitamin C is easily lost in the human body, but the extracted L-C can penetrate into the skin and exert its effect.

  Third, steaming the face can make the skin care products better absorbed. If you use it every day, your skin will become better?


It is best not to use it every day or reduce the temperature.

After all, hot air is more irritating. It is actually very damaging to the skin every day. Steaming once a week is enough.

Or the same effect can be achieved by using the cold steaming method that the temperature allows.

  Tip: Aromatherapy steamed face freckle method add two drops of essence oil to massage oil and mix well.

  Apply on the face and massage for 5-7 minutes toward the second joint of the back finger, which is located above the eyebrow and circular motion 15 times.

  Use three fingers to rub your temples up and down for 30 seconds.

  Place your middle finger on the bridge of your nose and gently shake for 15 seconds.

  Put a few drops of aromatherapy oil in hot water.

  Cover your head with a towel to steam your face for 5 minutes, which will help speed up absorption.

After your aromatherapy massage, remember to wash your face again.

  Fourth, the morning maintenance, wash your face with water + sunscreen is OK?

  If you don’t touch any dirt, the maintenance in the morning can be simplified. Washing your face with clean water is OK, but you must protect yourself from the sun.

  Note: Dry skin requires moisturizing lotion to enhance moisturization. Oily skin is best washed with a facial cleanser to remove excess oil.

  Fifth, I can apply my face every day to maintain good skin quality?

  It depends on the type of mask.

Moisturizing, whitening mask can indeed be applied every day, but basic maintenance can not be saved afterwards!

Clean, exfoliating mask must not be used every day, it will make the skin very fragile.

  Note: However, it is not necessary to apply the mask every day. Excess nutrients are not helpful to the skin. As long as the basic maintenance is done, the mask 2-3 times a week is enough.

  6. Use exfoliating lotion every day, or do I have to use an exfoliating mask regularly?

  It depends on the season and skin exfoliation.

It’s like cleaning up the room a little bit every day, or it needs to be regularly organized to strengthen it, so there is nothing wrong with it.

  Note: However, this method is not suitable for dry or sensitive muscles. Generally, it is best to replace one of them in winter to avoid too much irritation.

  Seven, make-up every day, in the long run the skin will definitely get worse?   No!

It doesn’t worsen because the makeup of today’s makeup products is mainly safe and delicate, and does not harm the skin.

  Makeup skin becomes worse every day, because makeup removal is too rude, which increases fine lines and relaxes the skin; then makeup removal, incomplete washing of the face, will make the skin worse.

  Eye Makeup Remover Tutorial: Step 1: Use a cotton pad dipped in makeup remover and apply it on the eyelids for a few seconds. Wait for the makeup to dissolve before you start wiping.

  Step 2: Slightly press the middle finger in the direction that the eyelids bulge out, and then wipe the sides again after wiping outward.

  Eight, after exfoliating, use a deep cleansing mask, and the acne floats out?

  That’s right!

Deep kaolin-containing membranes not only soften acne, but also increase skin temperature and expand pores, making it easy to remove acne.

After exfoliating dry muscles, the deep cleansing mask only needs to be applied locally.

 Nine, drink more lemon juice to absorb vitamin C to dark spots and whiten?

  Not too possible!

Most of the vitamin C absorbed in the diet is lost through urine, and a small part of it is passed through the body, and very little can affect the skin.

  Drinking too much lemon juice makes your stomach hurt.